crushing adderall swallowing

23. října 2011 v 13:57

I just picked up an addy xr 25mg and crushed the salts into powder and blew it. Is this a waste of the adderall? I feel like it hit me a lot faster
Medications > Adderall . I know a lot of people like to crush adderall and snort it, but I have to crush it . I used to have that problem, so I understand. Barr .
Dear Alice, Recently I have started snorting Ritalin and Adderall (not at the same time though). I have found that the effects closely resemble that of snorting cocaine .
So I have been doing some research as to which is more effective and better overall . From what I understand about adderall: if you snort it, it will be a more .
Alright I just got a couple adderall pills and I've done adderall before so I'm not completley new at it. I popped a pill this morning at like 9 and
Wellcom to Ativan crushing and snorting up nose: People looking to snort everything

crushing adderall swallowing

up their nose generally end up dead before their time. SWIM would like to know if .
Does anyone here have difficulty swallowing pills? I'm on Adderall and I can't take it everday. I crush it and take it with something, but the taste is so strong and bad .
Adderall XR is an extended-release capsule, which means you shouldn't break, crush, or chew it before swallowing. Learn how to take Adderall XR.
you'd essentially be removing the time release and it'd be more like taking 30mg of adderall ir crushing the XR beads takes away the time release so it will hit you faster.
How crushing adderall swallowing to make time released adderall stronger. Adderall question: Is ritalin 30mg stronger then adderall 30mg?. 30mg Time release adderall compared to 30mg tab?
When dealing with Adderall XR, does throughly crushing the beads make a huge difference? Also, I've noticed that I can swallow 6 Adderall XR's and not feel anything like I .
Blog, bitacora, weblog. Crushing wellbutrin xl tablets . Differential daily wellbutrin disrupt the undergoing of adderall and some.
Empty the capsule into applesauce and eat the whole bit.
Adderall (amphetamine and dextroamphetamine) is used to treat narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
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