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Sandra Dodd is a former advertising executive who created television and print campaigns for Johnson & Johnson, Lipton, Citibank, Lever and Cover Girl.
Stealing Share is a branding company focused on stealing market share for its clients by providing them with executable brand strategies to beat their competition.
Citibank. 399 Park Avenue New York, New York 10022 USA Telephone: (212) 559-1000 Web site: IDENTITY THEFT citibank brand tag line SOLUTIONS CAMPAIGN OVERVIEW
Written by Michelle Ong
� Of Bees and Whirled Peace: Ice Cream Brand Naming Gets a (Bigger) Conscience | Main | British RAF Strafed By Product Naming and Branding Laws; Red Baron Laughs �
This is Citigroup. Since 2002, Citigroup has been running a new brand campaign with a new tagline,
Julio D'Alfonso is a copywriter based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. . Print ad for FIAT - National Firemen Day Special print ad created to make a tribute to the Brazilian .
"Just Do It" is one of the most famous and successful taglines in history. Succinct, inspirational and memorable, it helped propel Nike to its legendary status.
Marketing Insights, Ideas and Inspiration for Banks and Credit Unions
Directory of Financial Taglines. Here is the largest collection of financial slogans and taglines you
A really great citibank brand tag line tagline conveys a company's benefit with personality and attitude and the most memorable taglines connect on an emotional level. Taglines are
Browse all Articles. Citibank Willingly Gives Up Coveted Brand Space. The Difference Between a Brand Theme-Line and an Advertising "Tag line
Citigroup Our growth over the years has been extraordinary. Despite this empirical record, we are sometimes asked: Can you still grow?
The Company Tagline: Brand statement or meaningless jargon? At one time or another, nearly every aviation business contemplates the creation and use of a tagline.
Marketing Insights, Ideas and Inspiration for Banks and Credit Unions
Brand Taglines or Slogans give companies and business organization their identities. It not only gives the business / company customer a perspective about the company .
Think Brand First | TBF "Any damn fool can put on a deal, but it takes a genius, faith and perseverance to create a
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